Privacy Policy

Sarre & Company Obligations to Retain Personal Data

Under both current and new legislations being introduced in Jersey as a response to GDPR, Sarre & Company has obligations in relation to the personal data it holds and which is attributable to you as an individual (Personal Data). We are dutybound to inform you of the information we hold, where/how it is held and that all Personal Data is collected and processed lawfully. In this regard, we attach a Privacy Notice detailing the type of Personal Data Sarre & Company retain.

Legal Basis

The GDPR legislation allows us to collect and process your Personal Data if we have legal obligation to do so and/or we have agreed (whether in a contract, lease or by you giving specific consent) that we will do so.

As such, we will collect and maintain your Personal Data in order to verify your identity and address in order to comply with our legal obligations and be able to support Sarre & Company in acting in your best interests and properly discharging any duties which we may owe to you.

Sharing Personal Data

We only share your Personal Data with other organisations where we are either obligated to do so, or in the case where the information shared allows us to carry out our normal course of business to provide the services required. We do not share your Personal Data with any third party for marketing purposes.

Your Rights in Respect of Personal Data

The new legislation specifically confers rights on you in relation to your Personal Data Sarre & Company holds. These include:

  1. A right to request Sarre & Company to tell you what Personal Data we hold in respect of you and what we are doing with it;
  2. A right to ask to have that Personal Data corrected if it is inaccurate; and
  3. A right to ask Sarre & Company to erase your Personal Data from its records if there is no longer a legitimate legal reason for Sarre & Company to hold such information.

Sarre & Company will not retain your Personal Data following the end of our relationship with you for any longer than we are legally obliged to maintain such records.
For further information, please refer to the below Privacy Notice.

Privacy Notice

In accordance with GDPR which came into force with effect from 25 May 2018, Sarre & Company are required to provide transparent and accessible information to individuals about how it as a company uses and processes personal data.

To comply with this regulation, whilst the type of personal data we may collect and hold from you will largely depend on the type of usage of our services provided, these may include, but not necessarily limited to the following:

What information is being collected? Full name, personal address, telephone & email contacts

Personal home and mobile contact details

Bank account details

Passport information

Utility bills

Date and place of birth


Who is collecting it? Directors and Employees of Sarre & Company
How is it collected? Email, telephone and letter correspondence

General applicant enquiries

Where is it stored? Paper format stored in locked cabinets.

Password and security protected digitally on hard drives, local server and icloud.

Password protected company mobile and laptop devices.

Secure third party archive storage facility held off-site.

Why is it collected? To enable Sarre & Company to carry out duties as Commercial Chartered Surveyors, encompassing Agency, Property Management, Valuation and Rent Review services.

To supply property availability marketing information.

To carry out credit checks on new client and lease applications and existing tenants within managed properties.

To complete KYC documentation on property sales and property management clients.

To process completion of leases/contracts.

To enable emergency contact details to be provided to fire alarm monitoring/keyholding and first response companies within managed properties.

To collate rents, service charges and management fees.To set up contracts with third party property management service providers.

How may it be used? To maintain database of all clients, tenants and general applicants.

To compile and distribute agency particulars to registered applicants.

To inform tenants/clients of managed property related matters.

To contact tenants/clients in case of emergency.

To produce rent and service charge demands.

To provide emergency contact details to third party service providers.

To transfer over all managed property information to an agreed new owner and/or managing agent.

Who could it be shared with? Within Sarre & Company: the Directors and Employees. Outside Sarre & Company: with relevant third party maintenance providers required to effectively manage  a property that tenant/client occupies/owns.
Identity and contact details of any data controllers

Alistair Sarre

Julian Roffe

Susie Russell-Biggie

Retention period Names, contact details for marketing purposes held until such time as applicant instructs otherwise.

Personal Data relating to managed properties held for as long as legally required by law.

Personal Data relating to general clients held for as long as legally required by law.

Personal Data relating to company employment held for as long as legally required by law.

If you believe any of the personal data we hold on you is inaccurate or incomplete, please contact Sarre & Company directly and any necessary corrections to your data will be made promptly. If you believe we should erase, stop storing or using your data, please contact one of the Data Controllers, whose details are shown above.