Commercial Property Management

Property Management is a service provided primarily for landlords, to ensure their property holding is maintained, in accordance with the terms of the lease(s), which can be on either fully repairing and insuring, or internal repairing and insuring terms. The role of the Managing Agent is diverse and ranges from rent collection and general overseeing of tenant covenants, to comprehensive involvement, including service charge organisation, and compliance with leasehold obligations.

Effective Property Management should:

  • Improve the relationship between landlord and tenant.
  • Prevent unnecessary disputes.
  • Maximise the income flow and investment potential.

Most modern day leases permit the recovery of management costs, which allow the property to be professionally managed without altering the net income stream of the owner.

The services we provide include the organisation of:

  • Rent collection.
  • Cleaning and redecoration.
  • Repairs and maintenance.
  • Insurance.
  • Regular inspections.
  • Service charge accounts.
  • Parish Rate Assessments.
  • Refurbishment programmes.
  • Settling accounts.
  • Serving of rent review notices.
  • GST implications.